Friday Mar 24, 2017
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17.5 - A Classic Couplet


17.5 - 10 Rounds for Time:

9 Thrusters
35 Double Unders


RX: 95/65, Double Unders
Intramural (CFCB/CFS ONLY): 75/55, Double Unders
Scaled: 65/45, Single Unders
Masters 55+ RX: 65/45, Double Unders
Masters 55+ Scaled: 45/35, Single Unders

Accessory Work


1-3 Thrusters (from the floor - building)(practice squat clean & breathing timing)
10-20 Double Unders

Coaches Notes

The last workout of the Open has been announced! 17.5 is what many predicted: Thrusters and Double Unders!

Here is a link to register for a heat time for Saturday or Sunday.

17.5 Heat Times

Here are the standards:



-          This one is all about pacing & sticking to a plan

-          Make a plan that suits your abilities. While we would all like to go unbroken and super fast it might be a little beyond our capacity

-          A thorough warm-up (including mobility) will pay off big time

-          10 rounds is a lot and you’re probably going to go out too fast. Hold back a bit, it’ll pay off later in the workout. This workout ‘starts’ at round 6.

-          Keep your rope close to your bar! #Obvi

-          It’s going to hurt but only as much as you let it.

-          Get your heart rate going in your warm-up. Don’t skip this step!

-          Structure your rest – this is where the plan comes in. Ex. If you are going to go 5/4 on the thrusters do it on 5 seconds rest (or 7) – the point is, have a plan and stick to it.

-          Have a plan B

-          Have fun! The Open is wrapping up and it’s been an amazing 5 weeks

-          Enjoy an icy cold beverage after this one, you deserve it (pro tip from Coach Fitz) 

-          Cheer on your fellow CrossFitters!


-          2 Rounds AFAP (note time, rate of perceived exertion, and HR)

-          Rest 5min

-          2 Rounds @ intelligent pace (use the results of first 2 rounds to decide how you are going to approach these 2 rounds)  (note time, rate of perceived exertion & HR)

-          Develop plan on game day!


-          Breathe breathe breathe. I’m pretty sure I wrote this for every workout so far but thrusters = breath holding. During your warmup focus on breathing consistently throughout the movement.

-          Stay tall in the squat – the more pitched forward you get the heavier the load will feel

-          Be patient on the press – the more you can launch the bar off your shoulders the less taxing the press will be. Think of going overhead as a follow through.

-          Spend more time than usual mobilizing your shoulders (front rack & overhead) to make these as easy as possible

-          Spend more time than usual mobilizing your hips and ankles. The easier the squat, the easier the thruster

-          Unbroken thrusters will limit transition & rest time but may come at the cost of a much higher heartrate – know your capacity. If your 1RM thruster is 135/95 going UB is probably not the smartest idea

-          Breaking these into 5/4 might help you avoid the dreaded redline but make sure that you have a ‘rest’ plan and stick to it.



-          Eyes fixed forward, knees and ankles soft, elbows in tight to the body & face relaxed (maybe even smiling)

-          Unbroken is obviously quickest but you may consider breaking (ex. 20/15) if 35 is going to crush you (by increasing your heartrate too much, not literally crush you, jeepers, that’s not even possible… I don’t think)

-          Be conscious of your breathing here too. During class I often see people breathing a lot shallower than usual (or worse, breathing at their double under pace) while they are doing their double unders. Deep breaths – stay as relaxed as possible.

-          If you can do 100+ UB DU, you can likely go UB on these. If you normally get winded quick on DUs, break them up.




-          Row or bike 5min (3-4 sprints in the 5min)

-          Roll calves!!, quads, glutes, t-spine and lats


-          Banded frog, banded pigeon, banded runners stretch with rotation, banded reverse lunge & banded calve mob

And this:


8ea T, Y, W, L (scap activation series)
10 Plank to downdog
10 Side Lunges
10 Scorpions
10 Crucifixes
10 Beat Swings (hands at same width as you would with barbell)
Accumulate 2min in goblet squat hold



Round 1  

30 Single Unders
9 Thrusters (empty bar)

Round 2

10-20 Double Unders
7 Thrusters (medium weight)

Round 3

20-35 Double Unders
6 Thrusters (workout weight or slightly above)


Rest 5-7 min before your heat time!


Ride or Row for 5min at conversation pace
Roll & stretch calves and quads
Drink an ice cold beer


– JP Levesque